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Below is a small selection of the many lens options you can choose from to assist you in puchasing glasses to fit all of your needs  - see the lens menu for more choices.

PROGRESSIVE - These are 'no-line' bifocals  which help you see up close, intermediate and at distance without any lines, we provide the worlds most recognised progessive brand - VARILUX® Today, there are 800 different types of progressives to choose from.

TRANSITIONS - - These lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions, these lenses are clear indoors and at night and turn dark in sunlight. These lenses DO NOT work in a car  and will reduce 3 of the 4 types of glare - they do not reduce blinding glare from the sun (only polarized lenses reduce blinding glare). Transitions come in grey or brown tint and are available for most lens designs and materials. 

POLARIZED LENSES -  These types of lenses filter out reflective glare but let other type of light wave through, they act like a pair of Venetian blinds by blocking light out at certain angles while allowing light at other angles to pass through - Polarized lenses work when they are positioned 90 degrees from the source of the glare so the have to be correctly aligned in the frame to filter out glare.

DRIVEWEAR® - The Drivewear® lens is a 'polarized transition' lens that works in a similar way to a transition lens BUT it does work in a car, the other main differences are that this lens is not completely clear indoors or at night (this is mainly an 'outside' lens - not suitable for indoors or at night) and also it is only available in brown. 

CRIZAL® - This is a 'no glare' treatment that eliminates several factors that reduce vision - scratches, smudges/dust and glare. The newest Crizal® lenses have a Scotchguard protector (partnership of Essilor of America and 3M) to provide a very slippery surface which protects against smudges, fingerprints and water. Check our CRIZAL® pages for more information.