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FRAME WARRANTY - Our frames have a 'no fault warranty' which means that we will repair or replace the frame within 1 year from the date of purchase regardless of fault unless the frame specifies "no warranty".  

 Please note that loss is NOT covered under this warranty.

DOCTORS CHANGES - If, within 60 days, the doctor changes your prescription we will remake your lenses at NO CHARGE. 

ANTI-SCRATCH WARRANTY - Our Anti-Scratch factory treated lenses have a 1 year warranty against scratching. 

Lens treated with an Anti Reflective coating may have a longer warranty.  Ask for details. 

ASSURANCE PLUS (Fee $30) - Assurance Plus covers any replacement/lost eyeglasses, any replacement/lost parts of frames or lenses supplied by us will at 50% current retail (prescription eyeglasses only) for a period of 2 years from the time of delivery.  Also, doctors changes after 60 days will be remade at 50% of the current retail price for the 1st year. NO SAVINGS/DISCOUNT/BILLABLE INSURANCES APPLY TO THIS PROGRAM.